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   Our most important provision

Water is of crucial importance for all known forms of life
and certainly our most important provision. High quality
drinking water is a prerequisite for our well being.

We have great prospects in Sweden for making good
drinking water compared to a lot of other countries.

Ground water constitutes a significant resource for drinking
water and in Sweden approximately half of the society’s
drinking water is taken from ground water and the other
half from surface water. In most other countries in Europe
groundwater constitutes a significantly smaller part of the
water supply.

In industrial business water constitutes a key component
as raw material, energy carrier, solvent and conveyer etc.

One of the government’s environmental quality goals is
that our groundwater shall supply drinking water in a
secure and lasting way, and at the same time contribute
to a good environment for plants and animals in lakes and
streams.  The aim is that the environmental quality goal
will be reached within one generation.

The goal responsible authority SGU has more information.