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Akva Terra works as a consult and entrepreneur within the
area of hydrogeology.
The consultative part of the business consists, amongst
other things, of geological and hydro geological examinations
in order to establish stratigraphy, ground  water table, river
discharge and course of stream etc.
The results from these
investigations show the conditions and estimated capacity
for the drilling of a well bore hole. They also constitute the
basis for drilling wells, type of well, dimension, length of
filter, slot width etc. After screening the received soil
samples permeability and transmissibility are determined,
which is the basis for calculating drawdown.
As an entrepreneur Akva Terra carries out drillings for ground-
water- observational- and sampling pipes as well as filter wells
in loose earth layers. The drillings mainly take place at local
water catchments.

Our services

50 years experience
of drilling wells

Akva Terra has worked as
consultants and entrepreneurs
within the field of hydrogeology
since January 21t 1957.
A considerable amount of
Sweden’s local groundwater
wells is the result of our work.